52 Islands Sailing Club

Experience Trat tourism in a whole new way with 52 Islands Sailing Club at Ban Chuen Beach. Trat province's Ban Chuen Beach location offers a scenery and ambiance that are conducive to leisure. Engage in watersports such as sailing and outdoor activities.

The location is close to the hotel. There are lots of restaurants and tourist attractions. Perfect for families, couples, or groups of friends.

We would like to invite you to experience the 52 Islands Sailing Club.

52 Islands Sailing Club is a tourism and educational business focused on sailing services. The only one in Trat province is available for those interested in sailing or those who enjoy outdoor activities.

Our business has sailing experts like P'Pukao (Khun Banpot Withi). The Trart Sailing Club and Vice President of the Trat Provincial Chamber of Commerce (Tourism) supervise and assist in the operation to accommodate and facilitate those who want to come to do activities.

52 Islands Sailing Club would like to be a starting point for those interested in the sport of sailing. We want to be a source of learning for the new generation who want to be exposed to nature because we believe that "sailing will make children understand the nature of life because sailing must understand three things: yourself, what can be determined, which is the ship and its equipment, and nature, which we cannot control or determine.

Let water activities and sailing be everyone's fun with 52 Islands Sailing Club.


52 Islands Sailing Club hopes to be the starting point for people interested in sailing. No matter how old you are, you can learn this activity and change the perspective you have so that it isn't as difficult as you believe.


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